SEA FM delivers local, original content alongside national and international entertainment.
We also provide opportunities to sponsor a show or segment, including naming rights, promotion and association with great content airing on the radio station and online via live streaming and content catch-up.


The Coromandel’s Breakfast Show with music, local news, sport and weather updates… without all the talking and meaningless interruptions.

On-Air with Darren

Darren entertains and informs along with a few laughs – bring your sense of humour!
With more than 20 years experience as a broadcaster, presenter and content producer, Darren entertains the Coromandel Monday – Friday from 10am – 3pm.

(Replays overnight from 12am-3am with a Weekly Best-Of Show on Sunday mornings from 7am)

The Home Stretch

Power through your afternoon on the job, at home or travelling around the region. The Home Stretch is Today’s Best Music all afternoon with all the talk.

SEA FM Nights

Nights sound better on SEA FM. Skip those boring countdown shows playing the same songs over and over, instead make the switch to The Coromandel’s Best Music from the 80s, 90s and now.


No Auckland network here! Just Today’s Best Music and Your Favourite Flashbacks playing overnight, every night.
Listen out for encores of our daytime shows playing overnight. With only 1 commercial break each hour, we’re entertaining all night long… without all the interruptions.

Saturday Night Live

You create the party, we’ll bring the music!
The Coromandel’s Best Mix of Music and Party Flashback Songs play every Saturday night – Non-Stop, no ads, no interruptions.

It’s easy to see why more listeners are switching on SEA FM’s Saturday Night Live.

Back To The 80s

The 80’s were a fantastic time for pop and rock music. Back To The 80’s relives the great times and fantastic music along with music news, trivia and information featuring your favourite artists, songs, movies and more.

New Zealand Made Music Show

We love programming local music from around the region and around our country.
New Zealand Made Music allows local artists, musicians and bands to obtain exposure on the radio and online during our 1 hour show each week which is also available via online streaming and catch-up.

Have an Idea for a Show ?

We’re open to your suggestions and input, so feel free to touch base and tell us what you’d like to hear on your radio station.

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