Advertise On The Coromandel’s Radio Station

We’re new on the Coromandel, but we’re local, community focused and listening.

A radio station that’s both engaged with it’s community and easy to access is a great platform to help deliver your message through advertising, promotions or custom campaigns.

There’s no Auckland networking and no programming from Ponsonby – we’re 100% local which means we’re effective and affordable for local businesses who otherwise can’t access radio.

Promoting Our Region

Our team are always looking for new ways to help promote the region’s local businesses and events. Through the power of radio we create a clear message for our clients that attracts the right target audience.

We can integrate a message into shows, music, news and special features which air across our region and online.
Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are also included as another great platform to help deliver a message.

Broadcasting locally, we can tailor and customise more content than any other broadcaster in the region.

Access The Radio

SEA FM makes it easy and cost effective to access the Coromandel’s radio station.
It’s important our local towns and communities can utilise the power or radio to deliver a message, simple, timely or urgent.

There are many ways to communicate with locals in the Coromandel and through SEA FM we can help.

We’re here for the community, so if you have a message, promotion, campaign or even just an idea, feel free to reach out and talk with us.

Call our local sales team on 07 2800 700 or take a moment to provide some details below, then we’ll give you a call.

Production and Script Writing

SEA FM has fully equipped production studio facilities and access to a wide variety of voice artists local, national and international.

Bring your own production audio or advertisements or leverage our script writers and production studio facilities to create a quality message for your intended audience.

We can also send you a text when your advertisement plays.

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